Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Measuring improvements in your fitness with IBPfit

IBPfit can help you measure the impact of your training if you consistently gauge your performance against a set of training trails.

We reproduce here the answer to a question of one of our users explaining how IBPfit works and how it can help you to train.

The user question:

I have entered two trails I made last week, for the analysis:  my physical condition was the same, but I got 'fit index' 37 for one, and 62 for the other one??

They were two different trails (one easier - index 37, the other one much more difficult - index 62), but my fitness condition was the same (I rode the trails a few days from each other)

So I expected to get the same fitness index in both cases (with a reasonable tolerance), shouldn't I?

Our answer:

We’ve checked the tracks and their work correctly.

 If we review the IBPfit associated to each of the tracks, we see the following:

 1.- “Campomulo…gpx”  your IBPfit is 62, the system says:

 “We have found 2250 trails with the same conditions as yours (±5%)
IBP = 64,   
Total Length   30.461 Km,   
Accumulated climb  780.59 m,
With your time at 10.7 Km/h, in a race with  100  participants,  you would  be  in the position number: 62”

This means that out of 2250 bike rides with the similar to yours, and according to the time you achieved, your performance is better than the 38% of the other bikers and lower than the other 61%.

 2.- . “Treschè…gpx” the IBPfit is 37

In comparison with the other 690 people that have ridden a similar trail, and according to your time, your performance is better than the 67% of the other bikers, and you have been surpassed by 32% of them.

The value of IBPfit is that enables you to monitor the progress in your physical condition if you upload the information of your training routes. So in your case:

 •         If you would consistently use these two trails as training routes, you could track the progress of your fitness condition checking out whether your IBPfit remains the same or, hopefully, decreases. 

 •         In the case that it decreases it will tell you that your performance is becoming better in comparison with the other bikers. 

 Last but not least, and for your information, the IBPfit rate is only calculated with the sample of comparable trails is big enough as to make it statistically significant.


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