Monday, June 13, 2016

Detection of different tracks in the same file

One of our users found that the point displayed as the ending of the trail wasn't the real ending. 

We post here his question and our answer detailing how IBPindex detects the different tracks present in a file.

Our user's question:

Track: guillena-the-bulls-castilblanco-trial-guillena.gpx

The route is not complete. The arrival displayed is not the real end. It should be the same as the starting point.

Our answer:

IBPindex has a detection system that looks for the different tracks that can be at the same file. In your case, there is a separation of nearly 1.5km between two of the recorded points, they are considered as belonging to two different tracks, and system analysis only the first part of the file.

I send you the modified track, adding some points so that there is not such a big separation between them.

Joan Casares



  1. I would try to detect them as you wrote. You can see the results here!

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